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Update: Atlanta

Hello again, friends. It’s been a while!

In my last update, I wrote about our journey to Nashville and shared some of my musical goals with you as we were settling in to our new hometown. Well, today I’m writing this post from our new hometown: Atlanta, Georgia…Say whaaaaaa?

(The morning after move day)

Yes, that’s right. After 6 months in Nashville, the wife, the pup, and I packed up the apartment, loaded the moving truck, and hit the road again toward another new adventure. I know I’ve been a little out of the loop recently, and some are more aware than others of the going-ons of the last few months, but I wanted to write a quick life update to bring everyone up to speed about our relocation to Atlanta and to share what’s next for us.

(Entering Atlanta)

So let’s go back a bit:

Even before we moved to Nashville, we knew it would be temporary (we were originally thinking at least a year), but 6 months did come as a bit of a surprise to us. There were a few different factors that lead to our decision to move: personal, career, and musical.

On the personal side of things, I found myself traveling to Atlanta quite a bit for work (more often than we expected), and long story short: I didn’t want to see these two only through FaceTime.

(Lindsey and Wallace)

Family is reason enough to make any big decision, but there were career factors that brought us to Atlanta as well. As many of you know, I’ve been working for Chick-fil-A, Inc. in Atlanta on a part-time basis for the last year (thus all the traveling), but I’m happy to say I now am at the Home Office full-time! Working for Chick-fil-A is something I’ve had in mind to do long-term alongside my music, and I am super excited that that is now a possibility. Having a job that energizes you and allows opportunity for you to pursue your passions is a dream, and I feel so blessed to be able to do that here.

(The other Chick in my life)

Lastly, one of the things I discovered about living in Music City is that a city isn’t as important of a factor in an artist’s success as I once thought. Now, don’t get me wrong: Nashville has is perks, for sure. I got to bowl on Tuesdays with my favorite songwriter of all time, and even workshopped some of my songs with him (not while bowling). I had a music-strategy session over coffee with another one of my musical idols and got to play my first Nashville show with another.

(Andy Gullahorn: Bowler and Folk Artist extraordinaire)

But Nashville had its challenges for me musically too: a very saturated market that made booking shows especially difficult, a heavy concentration of similar sounds that made individuality even more of a challenge, and a work schedule (both in and out of town) that made making music a priority nearly impossible.

My wife and I prayed a lot as we made the decision, and of course we wrestled with a lot of self-doubt, but The Lord gave us little pieces of assurance along the way that Atlanta was the right move. Now, being here, we know it is.

I won’t have to be away from my family 8-10 days a month, which is AWESOME.

I am blessed with a job that gives life to me and frees up my weekends to travel and play music.

Lastly, moving to Atlanta will be great for me, musically. I really did transplant from one great music city to another. Atlanta has a great scene for my type of music, so I’ll be building my following starting locally. And it’s also a really short hop to some other great cities. I’m targeting Birmingham, Charlotte, Chatanooga, and even Nashville for upcoming shows. (See Shows for details about my 3/28 show in Nashville!)

It’s been a wild past 6 months, but we are very excited about this new step in our journey. And we’re happy to be in Atlanta!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. And remember to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with my news and upcoming events!


Update: Nashville

Hello there, friends. Sorry I’ve been off the radar for a bit. But the dust is now settling after weeks of unpacking boxes, organizing clutter, and getting adjusted to our new life in Tennessee. We’re living just south of the city in a beautiful town called Franklin.

The move at the beginning of August went really well, especially due to great friends traveling up with us and family driving over from Atlanta to help.

So, the pictures are on the wall, we’ve ventured out on the weekends (we’ve been buying local produce at the Franklin Farmer’s Market), and though we fight bouts of homesickness, we are starting to feel a little more at home here in Tennessee.

Music Goals:
Having just moved a few weeks ago, I haven’t played any shows yet, but I do plan to get back on the saddle and back to playing a few shows a month. (If you’re in/around Nashville, look for show announcements coming soon!) I have had a good amount of free time lately to do some songwriting, though, and that is what I’m really trying to make a priority. I have finished a few songs that were already in the works and have begun writing some new ones as well. I’m also joining some songwriting groups where I can grow my skills and improve as a songwriter.

Free Music on NoiseTrade:

Thank you so much for your help in promoting my music. Keep telling your friends about my free music on Noisetrade. Every time you tweet about it, share it on facebook, or email the link to a friend, you are helping me grow my audience!

TV Feature on Studio 10

I had such a great time playing “My Home” on Mobile’s Studio 10 recently!

Check it out here:


“The Sunshine EP” available for free!

Exciting news! I am now offering my 2009 release, “The Sunshine EP,” for free on NoiseTrade! Tips are welcomed but not required, of course.

Please help spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, etc. Thanks everyone!











The Winter’s Cold Gives Way Unto the Spring

Hi, everyone. I hope this post finds you well.

Since the release of “Come to Life” in June, I have been blessed with many opportunities to travel, play quite a few shows, meet a LOT of new people, and share my songs. This CD release has been absolutely wonderful, and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful group of fans and friends who support me in this dream of mine. It has been busy few months since June, but I am grateful for each and every one of you who helped me fund the recording, have bought the EP, told a friend about my music, or come to a show.

As the winter months of November and December approach, however, I have decided to somewhat “bunk” in, taking a brief hiatus from performing shows in order to focus on writing and prepare for new goals in the new year. There are far too many half-written songs awaiting my attention and far too much activity during the holiday season for me to perform during these next two months. But I look forward to this hibernation, as I hope it will refresh my spirit and foster new songs.

During these winter months, I would ask for your prayers. Pray that I can be attentive to God’s guidance, his Word, and his voice. The only songs that mean anything at all are the ones that speak His truth, so please pray that I would be fruitful and faithful in this. Also, please pray for me and my wife as we are gearing up to move out of our apartment and enter into a whole new season in our work and personal lives.

Please continue to tell everyone you know about “Come to Life” (or gift it for Christmas!) It does my heart well to hear stories from people who found out about it from a friend and have been touched by the music.

The album is still available on iTunes here , and if you are interested in purchasing physical copies as Christmas gifts, please email me using the contact form here on the website, or at jonmorrismusic at hotmail.

Be on the lookout for new shows and music after the New Year! Exciting things are coming.

Thank you all,



Come to Life now available on iTunes!

My new EP, Come to Life, officially released on iTunes today! Go give it a download and leave some love via a review and star rating.

Come to Life EP and Release Show

Kickstarter Feature

I’m so grateful to Jennie McKeon and Independent News for featuring me in their piece about Kickstarter. Give it a read!

Featured in Independent News

I am so happy to have been featured in Pensacola’s Independent News this week for a story about my Kickstarter campaign. Click the link below and give it a read!

The Summer Tour & How You Can Help

Well, it’s hard to believe that recording in Nashville is just six shorts weeks away thanks to all of my wonderful Kickstarter  supporters. The CD will release toward the beginning of June, and I am also excited to announce that I will be going on tour this summer after the release to promote it!

Yes, my wife and I will be packing up in our little Honda and hitting the road at the beginning of June, traveling the east coast as far north as New York, and heading back down a little more inland.

That’s the plan, anyway…

I have been sending out e-mails and messages left and right to book some shows, but I need some more ideas and connections to help me actually start filling in the schedule.

That’s where you come in.

Below is a list of the cities/general vicinities I’d like to schedule some shows in/around.  If you know of any churches, coffee houses, or small venues in or near any of the following cities, would you please let me know? Obviously, there will be no “charge” for my doing a concert; I’m just looking to play some churches and coffee houses starting out and would honestly love to have even an audience of 20 people at a time, just to share some music with and maybe sell a few CDs for gas money to the next place.You can send me an e-mail to, or you can send me a message on Facebook (

Tallahassee, FL

Jacksonville, FL

Savannah, GA

Charleston, SC

Charlotte, NC

Washington, D.C.

New York City, NY

Asheville, NC

Nashville, TN

Atlanta, GA

Birmingham, AL

Montgomery, AL

Mobile, AL

I appreciate you all!